I began writing this blog just over a year ago so this is perhaps a good moment to review how it has developed.

I started keeping a journal just over 5 years ago, with a requirement that there must be an entry every day even when the entry is that there is nothing to record. The idea was to keep track of events. Our memories are unreliable, particularly with regard to time. But I also knew that I was likely to give up working and move abroad during the following year and therefore that it would be an interesting time to keep a record. One of the consequences of keeping a journal is that, knowing that I had to write something, I started to pay more attention to events as potential material.

I didn’t have this as a plan in mind when I started writing the blog, but what has happened is that many of the pieces that I was putting into the journal, such as notes about films and novels, I now post to the blog. The consequence is that the journal started to become a somewhat dry record of events: workout in the gym this morning then coffee on the plaza, meeting of the condo management committee in the afternoon, that sort of thing. I have therefore stopped keeping a journal on a daily basis, using it now only to keep track of specific events, such as when we are travelling.